Give yourself the gift of a stress-free daily creative habit.

The Daily Making Jumpstart is a 14-day guided adventure to help you form (or reinvigorate) a stress-free daily art- or craft-making practice. Whether you want to take on a full year of daily making, commit to a 100-day project, or you just want to see if this daily habit thing is all it's cracked up to be, this course will help you get started.

And for the first time I’m teaching it LIVE!

Start date: January 8, 2019

In 2014, I started making something every single day, and it's a habit that changed my life (not to be too dramatic about it). I went from feeling like I didn't even know how to be creative and that I lacked the discipline to complete a daily challenge to knowing that of course I'm creative and of course I should keep going even if I miss a day.

It doesn't matter if you have a demanding job or a demanding family or both. It doesn't matter if you're not an artist. It doesn't matter if your fourth-grade teacher said you can't draw.

It absolutely matters that making stuff is fun, even if what we make is terrible. It absolutely matters that each of us is creative in our own unique ways, even if we have to do some work to figure out how. And it absolutely doesn't matter what your teachers, or your overbearing aunt or uncle, or your frenemy said or thought.

Join an incredible community of people making all sorts of things (it doesn't matter what you make!) and start your year off creatively.

LIVE Video Prompts & Lessons

(Recorded, so you can watch any time.)

Start off your 2019 by prioritizing your creative practice. Spend two weeks establishing a daily habit of making something – anything – and see where it takes you.

Pre-register now and you'll be all set to begin on January 8th.

The Jumpstart includes: 

14 stress-free prompts and exercises, delivered daily for two weeks, that are easy to follow and won't take much time.
The Year of Making ebook, featuring more prompts and inspiration, and including worksheets to help you track your projects and get to the heart of what motivates you creatively.
PLUS 10 LIVE half-hour video sessions with me! We'll use the power of technology to gather each weekday throughout the Jumpstart so we can make things together. I'll answer any questions you have about the material, and help you get reinspired if you feel stuck. The timing of live sessions will be staggered day by day so folks in a variety of time zones can participate. Sessions will be recorded so you can watch them any time – no pressure to change your schedule and no worries if life gets in the way and you need to skip a few days. The videos will remain available to you forever.
• And join our private group where we can connect as fellow creative adventurers, share our wins, and cheer each other on. 

We'll begin after the first week of the New Year so we can catch our breath after the holidays, get our kids back to school, and keep in mind that dates aren't nearly as important as showing up.

About Your Instructor

Camp Counselor for Grownups

Kim Werker

I'm a writer and craft instructor specializing in helping people try new things and have fun doing it. I've written six crochet books and also a book about making ugly things on purpose as a way to confront our creative demons, and I teach crochet at Craftsy. In 2014, I started making something every single day, and it's a habit that changed my life (not to be too dramatic about it). I live in Vancouver, BC, where I carve stamps inspired by my family's road-trips, knit and crochet, and read lots and lots.


  • 1


    • Get Ready to Amaze Yourself!

    • So tell me...

    • Schedule of Live Video Chats

    • Getting Started

    • Download the Year of Making Ebook

  • 2

    The First Three Days

    • List-Making Day

    • Session Recording: Tuesday, January 8th

    • Mighty Ugly Day

    • Session Recording: Wednesday, Jan. 9

    • Simple Constraint-Making Day

    • Session Recording: Thursday, January 10

  • 3

    Use Constraints, Part One: Shapes & Themes

    • Circles Day

    • Squares Day

    • Session Recording: Saturday, January 12

    • Circles & Squares Day

    • Theme, Part 1

    • Session Recording: Monday, January 14

    • Theme, Part 2

    • Session Recording: Tuesday, January 15

  • 4

    Use Constraints, Part Two: Things You Already Make

    • A Time Constraint

    • Session Recording: Wednesday, January 16

    • Focus on Setting

    • Session Recording: Thursday, January 17

    • Gut-Check Day

  • 5

    And Finally: Setting Up for a Smooth Ride

    • Project Tracking Day

    • Session Recording: Saturday, January 19

    • Do Your Own Thing Day

    • Hooray Day

    • Session Recording: Monday, January 21

    • How'd It Go?

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