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The Jumpstart is a 14-day guided adventure in forming (or reinvigorating) a stress-free daily art- or craft-making practice. Whether you want to take on a full year of daily making, commit to a 100-days project, or even just use this guided adventure as a two-week trial to see how it goes, this course will help get you started.

About Your Instructor

Camp Counselor for Grownups

Kim Werker

I'm a writer and craft instructor specializing in helping people try new things and have fun doing it. I've written six crochet books and also a book about making ugly things on purpose as a way to confront our creative demons, and I teach crochet at Craftsy. In 2014, I started making something every single day, and it's a habit that changed my life (not to be too dramatic about it). I live in Vancouver, BC, where I carve stamps inspired by my family's road-trips, knit and crochet, and read lots and lots.


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    • Download the Year of Making Ebook

    • Let's Get Started

  • 2

    The First Three Days

    • List-Making Day

    • Mighty Ugly Day

    • Simple Constraint-Making Day

  • 3

    Use Constraints, Part One: Shapes & Themes

    • Circles Day

    • Squares Day

    • Circles & Squares Day

    • Theme, Part 1

    • Theme, Part 2

  • 4

    Use Constraints, Part Two: Things You Already Make

    • A Time Constraint

    • Focus on Setting

    • Gut-Check Day

  • 5

    And Finally: Setting Up for a Smooth Ride

    • Project Tracking Day

    • Do Your Own Thing Day

    • Hooray Day



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